Product Care

Please note we will only be responsible for the item being delivered to you in new condition. Anything that happens during wear we will not be responsible for - but here are a collection of our best tips to help keep your items in perfect condition!

We recommenced your standard washing / drying routine across our clothing range. (Life hack - printed items should always be washed inside out!)

Lace products should be absolutely fine in the wash, but if you are concerned we would recommend a gentle cycle for them to ensure no snags are made.

If you have worn your product a lot / washed a lot and have a small issue like a button falling off, stitching coming undone in a section, etc - we do offer charged alteration services to amend these for you. We can also shorten / take in clothes if need be. We will not cover the postage, that must be covered by the customer. If you desire these services, please give us an email or DM to see if we can help!

We recommend that you hand-wash all of your bikinis (not just ours!) as hand washing is the best method to ensure your bikinis do not lose colour or any of their embellishments.

Our suggested method is to rinse bikinis of chlorine after removing them for the day (in case there is a time gap between the time you can wash them) we suggest using cold water and a mild laundry detergent to hand-wash your bikinis, making effort to avoid any embellishments and do not soak! Please be careful when wringing any water out, and then hang them out to dry naturally. Do not use ANY machinery to wash / dry your bikini to avoid any damage. DO NOT SOAK YOUR BIKINIS! This can damage embellishments and cause colour to run.

For embellished bikinis - we recommend not submerging any metal / crystals in water for too long if you want it to stay in pristine condition. (Though when we swim in ours, we submerge them completely and haven't experienced any problems!) but please make sure to pat dry after to avoid discolouration. If any jewels become loose, just use a water-resilient super glue. When you are storing your bikinis we recommend to wrap the jewels in bubble-wrap or tissue paper to prevent any snagging when in storage.

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